by Coach Bill Mountjoy (billmountjoy@yahoo.com)

#1 PERSONNEL – (WHO) You Teach

#2. COACHING – (HOW) You Teach

#3. STRATEGY – (WHAT) You Teach

#4. MORALE – This is the Basic Factor That Controls (Who) (How) (What)

MORALE: We consider Morale the most important of the “4 areas in building a Football Team”. You’ve got to have MORALE (psychological approach) to just stay in the game and make a reasonable showing. You’re not going to get a damned thing out of your players if you don’t control the mind first. You’ve go to get control of the mind first and the body second.

The dictionary definition of what the psychological approach meaning, or what MORALE is: “THE SCIENCE WHICH TREATS OF THE MIND IN ANY OF IT’S ASPECTS – THE TRAITS, FEELINGS, ACTIONS, AND ATTRIBUTES COLLECTIVELY OF THE MIND”. We discuss these things as a staff. We wanted to know what we could do to improve it. What we could do to control that player’s mind but make sure that we still had him completely on our side, to give everything that he had even though hed wasn’t the equal of his opponent. Here, we felt if we controlled the mind, we could get the maximum out of that player. How many times have we gone into Football games with everything encompassed around COACHING and STRATEGY even though we are aware of this MORALE aspect? It’s kind of like falling in love, it’s natural (you don’t know why it happens, but it does). BUT, I think as a coach you can control it and here are some areas that can be problems, and must be addressed in order to control the MORALE of the team:

LIST: Participation, Physical Condition, Organization, Loyalty, Leadership, Tradition, Environment, Confidence, Administration, Schedule, Injuries, Equipment, Officials, Luck.

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