Free Drive Day tomorrow

Free Drive Day tomorrow where any coach can access Glazier Drive for free for the day

IMPORTANT NOTE: Up until Thursday we are driving coaches to a waitlist essentially. On Thursday, we are sending them directly to the sign up link to join the team account on Glazier Drive. We can’t accidentally mix up the 2 separate links. Also, the P.S. sections are for places other than twitter – the P.S. won’t fit on twitter.

If anyone agrees to send a dedicated email, let me know and I’ll get you copy.

Subject Line: This is your last chance


So I heard a rumor the other day and confirmed it with my friends at Glazier.

The deadline to get 50% off for a full year of Glazier Drive ends today.

Glazier Drive is far and away the best off-season resource for coaches this year.

It’s not even close.

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